Our office also carries a wonderful pain-relieving gel called
Biofreeze. Some of you may have heard of it, others not. There are
several over the counter ointments (Ben Gay, Flexall 454, etc) out
there that many of you have tried. The downside to those products
is that they typically get very hot after application, sometimes just
too hot. Biofreeze works completely different. As the name
suggests, it “freezes” or cools the area that it is applied to. It is
rarely uncomfortable after applying it, and most patient state that
it can really reduce the amount of pain or muscle soreness in that
area. Similar to the Chiroflow pillows described above, Biofreeze is
not available in stores, it is only found in a doctors’ office. If you
would like to try Biofreeze, we have free samples in our office and
also sell the 4 ounce bottles as well.   

ProActive Chiropractic has full lines of  vitamins and supplements
in his practice.  After thorough research, we decided t o carry full
lines of Vitality, recently named the top rated vitamin in the world,
Metagenics, and  JuicePlus So everything is natural, and can be
taken with any prescription medication you may be taking!

If you suffer from any of these common conditions, discuss with
Dr. Burdash if you should be taking supplements for it:

Chronic joint and muscle pain
Waking up with sudden neck pain
Acute injury (sprained ankle, car accident, sports injury)
GERD (Reflux disorder)
Heartburn, bloating, belching
Irritable bowel
Liver disorders (liver detoxification)

**And our most popular supplement works amazingly for coming
down with a cold, or flu-like symptoms, allergies, joint pain and

We have literature on all of the supplements we use as well as
other reference material for questions you may have.  They are all
safe and extremely effective.  Best of all, they are very inexpensive
and highly superior to any supplements you may get at any store or
even health food stores.  These supplements are not available to
the public, and need to be ordered by a physician.

We are proud to carry what we feel are the best pillows on the
market. Chiroflow pillows, available only through doctors, ensure
not only the best sleep but also the correct positioning of your neck
while you sleep. Many patient wake up every morning with a stiff
neck. That pain dissipates as the day progresses, the patient goes to
sleep, and awakes again with a stiff neck. This person is the perfect
candidate for the Chiroflow pillow. What makes this pillow so
effective and comfortable to sleep on is basically, it’s a water pillow.
Sounds strange, doesn’t it? What we’ve found is the water-based
pillow allows for the perfect position of your neck while you sleep,
whether you sleep on your back, side or stomach (which we would
never recommend)! Your head is held perfectly while you sleep, so
your neck muscles can rest at night and you awake feeling
refreshed and pain-free.