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Dr. Burdash’s biggest passion is encouraging people toward better health
and lifestyle choices. Our best insurance for good health comes from
within, via an optimally functioning nervous system, supported by a
healthy lifestyle.

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The body can heal itself, sometimes it just needs a hand.
At ProActive Chiropractic  our mission is to provide the highest quality,
full rounded approach to treating your health care needs so that your
body's normal functioning and healing mechanisms are at their best. We
are able to accomplish this by providing a complement of in-house
practitioners trained in the following specialties
Chiropractic Care
Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
Massage Therapy
Nutritional Counseling and Supplementation.
With expertise in these specialties, ProActive Chiropractic takes you from
the beginning stages of acute injuries through maintenance and wellness
care. We also utilize the most up-to-date, high-tech diagnostic and
treatment equipment available to provide the most effective and
comprehensive care for your condition.

As a Downtown St. Paul Chiropractic clinic we pride ourselves in creating a
welcoming, caring, helpful environment so that people of all ages feel
comfortable seeking help with their healthcare and wellness needs.

We invite you to schedule a consultation to meet our professional staff,
see our facility, and help us determine whether we can provide the right
care for you.

Call us for more information (651) 778-0080

Most people by now have had some sort of experience with Chiropractic –  
either from their own direct experience or have heard something about it
from someone else.

There are basically two different types of chiropractors out there and we
want to clearly define our approach here so you understand how we work
and what your experience in our office will be like. The two different styles
of chiropractors are:

Limited Scope Chiropractors – Limit their practice to the treatment of
musculoskeletal conditions only. They are mainly concerned about pain
and returning their patients to “pre-injury status”. Once the pain is gone,
treatment is stopped and the option of further care is offered if the pain
comes back.

Wellness Chiropractors – This is the style we practice, where we are not
only concerned about your health problem, but we go the step further to
strengthen and stabilize your system so the problem doesn't come back.
Most people we see want permanent solutions to their health problems,
not just the temporary treatment of conditions.

Once we remove the neurological stress patterns in your body, your body
can adapt to daily life stresses more effectively so that they don't break
your health down over time. Once you regain your health, we strengthen
and stabilize your system and then look at how we can modify your
lifestyle habits so that these health problems don't come back again.

The Creating Wellness Program customizes a lifestyle program for you so
you can integrate healthy lifestyle habits into your life. Then you won't be
a slave to the “normal” health problems that affect so many Americans in
our society – you can stop surviving, and start thriving in life.

The chiropractic techniques we use at ProActive Chiropractic are gentle
yet powerful in restoring your body's ability to heal itself naturally. We
work directly with your nervous system which controls every cell function
of your body. The low force adjustments we use help your body heal based
on the framework of your nervous system specifically.
We also use a wide variety of pediatric techniques that are safe,
gentle and honoring to the person.

We don't believe you should  keep coming back over and over again for
pain relief, instead just get rid of the causes.

Creating Wellness offers actual lifestyle strategies to help turn negative
stress into positive energy. You will gain confidence as you lose inches by
getting into shape from the inside out. We look forward to helping you
with a proven program from trusted professionals.

We believe that wellness is every person’s true potential. Our goal is to
help you experience the best expression of health and vitality possible.

When you visit us, you will soon begin to realize that you are seeing a
“Wellness Chiropractor.” You are a whole person, not just a spine, and we
want to help you in every dimension. The scientific evidence is over-
whelming—there are 3 dimensions to your life—physical, bio-chemical and
psychological—and they are all profoundly connected. Making a positive
change in one dimension can automatically lead to positive changes in
another. But when all 3 dimensions change at the same time, the results
can be positively life-transforming! The key lies in the functioning of your
nervous system. Our job is to remove nerve interference through
chiropractic and address any underlying causes so you can experience true

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"A good name is greater than great riches"- Proverbs 22:1
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Whether you are looking for a St Paul Minnesota Chiropractor or a Minneapolis MN Chiropractor we are conveniently
located to both cities. St. Paul's downtown wellness center providing quality chiropractic care provided by
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