Assessment Technology
Why do people get heartburn?  Because there is an interference in the nerves going
to the stomach creating an over production in acid.  So if you continue to take
antacids for heartburn you never get to the cause and the symptoms will never
completely go away.

That is why we look at your nervous system to find the answers to your health
problems wither it is neck and back pain or GI tract problems, asthma, low energy,
headaches and every other condition you may have.

We use a sEMG, Themograph, computerized range of motion, algometer and heart
rate variability to check the integrity of your nervous system.  The results will give you
a Neruspinal Functional Index score literally grading your nervous system.

The technology is endorsed by NASA

We then help our patients find and assess the stress which cause their health
concerns.  We use a new to the world technology, creating wellness assessment
system.  Through a questionnaire and computerized assessment system looking at
your health through three dimensions:
Physical (Be Fit): how you use your body
Bio-Chemical (Eat Right): what you put into your body
Psychological (Think Well): the mind-body connection

After your assessment your Wellness Quotient (WQ) will be given to you, telling you
your biological age compared to your chronological age.  WQ will land somewhere
between 0 to 220.  If you score under 100 you are actually aging before your time.
Very Challenged Individuals (<50)

Unaware of health risk and not taking steps forward
Easily fatigued
Declining or no energy
Unhealthy diet
Limited to no fitness activities
Relying on medication to support health
Aging before your time and vulnerable to health crisis
Excellent Individual's (75 to 100 WQ)

Searching for new level of performance
Almost never fatigued
Extremely energized
Excellent nutritional choices
Fitness is natural part of your life
Minimal or no reliance on medications
Actively living to your wellness potential
Transitional Individual's (75 to 100 WQ)

Searching for a healthy lifestyle
Easily fatigued
Limited energy
Unhealthy diet
Limited to no fitness activities
Relying on medication
In-between heading towards wellness or
aging before your time
above to see a
demo video of our
scanning  station